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We are Territorial promoters and enhance Italian clusters: we will guide you from wine to marbles, from design to jewelry, from leather to furniture, from shoes to wrought iron etc.. Let us introduce you to "Italian well done" products by customized full package solutions.

We provide best services for business trips, meetings, events and fairs. 

Promote your own business in Italy with the help of Mydas Travel Italy. 


Dedicated to large buyers and to those looking for high quality products, the organized tours to the places famous for the “Made in Italy” are an opportunity to live a high quality shopping experience. We will take you on a tour to discover the most renowned companies on an international level, and we will show you the steps in the production of small and large masterpieces of Italian craftsmanship. You will be able to touch with your hand the quality of many collections of clothing, as well as of the raw materials processed on the spot right before your eyes. Obviously, you will have plenty of time for your purchases.... Send your request with no obligation and plan your trip with us!


Our tours to the places famous for the “Made In Italy” are created to satisfy demanding customers, who are not content of the usual outlets and fashion boutiques, but want to go to the heart of Italian craftsmanship. To achieve this goal we have designed a series of all-inclusive luxury packages, in which the tourist stops being a passive spectator to become the protagonist of an original and complete journey of knowledge and awareness. Thanks to expert and selected guides, you will be able to learn about manufacturing techniques of a certain sector and the history of a certain brands. Among the most popular destinations there are: the sports shoes district in Belluno, the ceramic district in Bassano del Grappa, and the marble, fashion, and leather districts. You can't miss the shoes factories in Riviera del Brenta, famous for their elegant and customized shoes.

The factories in Veneto offer buyers guided tours of their production centers and showrooms all throughout the year. During the tour they explain step by step how they create a piece of clothing, a leather chair, or a marble floor. We at Mydas Travel can take care not only of your flights, transfers, and appointments with the factories, but also of your accomodation, and catering in luxury locations of the area. We are part of the CMC network, that groups all the European tour operators engaged in the promotion and preservation of the typical products of the countries in which they operate. This makes us a reliable and qualified partner, able to work respecting the values and the territory. Try us!

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