Veneto is one of the most attractive regions when it comes to sustainable tourism. Eco-tourism in Veneto has a long history and is now practiced by thousands of people, sometimes without even realizing it. There are plenty of different destinations: from the Small Dolomites, to the Venice lagoon or the birdwatching spots – these are just a few of our most interesting ideas. trekking_

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Vacation ideas for an environmentally sustainable tourism

The trip, according to the environmentally sustainable tourism philosophy, implies the respect of the ecosystems, populations, and cultures with which one comes into contact. In this sense, Veneto offers a myriad of opportunities for families, as well as group of friends or young couples. The Small Dolomites and in particular the 120 km area around them is one of the most interesting destinations. The area can be explored on foot, by horse, by donkey or mountain bike. In the Small Dolomites you can enjoy the “slow” philosophy in social occasions (small inns, traditional restaurants) or at night if you decide to stay overnight in a small mountain retreat or a family owned farm. But the Small Dolomites are not the only destination.

Eco-tourism in Veneto is also synonymous with countryside, with the many paths along the Po and Brenta rivers. The Monti Berici, a hilly area in the province of Vicenza, characterized by its rich geology, flora, and fauna, is another destination worth considering. Another one is the Venice lagoon, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the perfect place for the sightings of many migratory birds. If you are interested in botany, there are plenty of paths that start and end at the Botanical Garden of Padua, the oldest botanical garden of the world still in business. Last but not least, there are the routes of the Great War, a collection of museums, monuments, historic buildings, ossuaries, forts, cemeteries and memorial sites, that tell the most tragic moments of the history of humanity, and that are connected by well marked and organized trails. And these are just a few of the most inviting destinations!

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