Italy has been the scene of two world wars, a favorite destination for artists and celebrities, a destination for pilgrimages, a crossroad of cultures.... This cultural and historical heritage can be experienced by adults and children through thematic routes and custom made itineraries. Mydas Travel offers a wide range of options to visit the symbolic places of Veneto and Northern Italy.italy

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The Francigena road between Bressanone, Bolzano, Trento, Vittorio Veneto, and Padua. The hotels and bar frequented by Ernest Hemingway. The most significant places of the First and Second World War. Andrea Palladio's villas, UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The fortified cities and castles of Veneto.The Roman baths, and ancient Rome archaeological sites.... The list of historical and cultural itineraries in Northern Italy is very diverse, ranging from real paths to walk, to boat rides along the Brenta river or in the lagoon of Venice, to horseback rides or donkey rides along the paths used by the Italian, Austrian, or German troops. The common denominator is the search for evidence of the extraordinary heritage of our country, not to mention the good food and the atmosphere of the sweet Italian life.

Veneto is a very rich region, that's worth exploring during the summer, but also in spring, winter, and fall. Mydas Travel offers its customers deals customized to their needs. Maximum flexibility is guaranteed by the availability of tour guides and interpreters throughout the year. This is the best choice for families, groups of friends, or for whoever likes to travel enjoying every minute of his/her vacation. If you would like to plan your historical-cultural trip of Veneto with us, contact us with no obligation to check the best locations for your selected dates. We are waiting for you!

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