The Venice Film Festival, Verona's opera season, the Motor Bike Expo 2016, the Summer Opera Festival, the Open Cellars event, and the International literature festival.... Every year Veneto hosts dozens of must see events. If you are planning your next trip in Northern Italy, grab your agenda or calendar because there are many dates to remember!events

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We usually speak of itineraries, monuments, people and typical products of Veneto. But Italy's North East region is also unique in terms of entertainment and cultural entertainment. Venice stands out for the number and importance of the events hosted. That's where the famous “biennali” (Biennale di Arte, Biennale di Danza, Biennale di Teatro, Biennale di Cinema e Biennale di Musica) take place every two years. The Venice Film Festival (or Festival of Venice), with the coveted Golden Lion awarded to the winner, takes place every year. .Venice also celebrates the Historic Carnival and the International Festival of Literature “Crossroads of Civilizations”.

Events outside of Venice include: Expobici of Padua, an international trade fair dedicated to the bicycle. Verona hosts two big events: the Arena di Verona Opera Festival, a festival known for its grandeur and majesty; and the MotorBike of Verona, scheduled for January 22 to 24, 2016. Another characteristic event in Veneto is Open Cellars that offers guided tours and visits to the wineries in the territory, to taste their wines, sparkling wines, and liqueurs , every year at the end of may, Those who prefer the arts should definitely participate in Opera Estate, an event organized by the City of Bassano del Grappa, consisting of more than 300 music, theater, and dance shows. We conclude this list by mentioning the Venice Jazz Festival, an important appointment for jazz fans.

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