Vicenza and Palladio's works: UNESCO HERITAGE

AndreaPalladio UNESCOPerfection is a concept that may seem abstract, but it is fully expressed in some ancient Roman and Greek works. Works that have influenced Andrea Palladio, one of the most important architects of all times, known in Italy and throughout the world for its villas built in the Veneto region. We have already written about Palladio in articles about the Basilica Palladiana, the Villa Cordellina in Montecchio Maggiore and Palladio's museum. Today we would like to focus on his city, not the one where he was born, but the one where he left his greatest legacy. We are talking about Vicenza, a city that was added to the UNESCO World Heritage list, for its examples of Palladian architecture.

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Wine tours in the best Veneto's wineries

wine toursIt is called “enoturismo” (wine tourism), a word derived from the Greek term “oinos” (wine) and the French term “tour” (tour, trip). It is not a new trend, but a new way to travel that focuses on wine. Also called wine tours, organized visits to cellars and wineries are very popular in Italy, a country where wine has been produced and appreciated for centuries. Veneto, one of the major regions, offers a wide and interesting variety of wine tours: for beginners and experienced sommeliers as well as for groups of friends or couples looking for a different kind of entertainment. So where can you start the tasting of a good glass?

The offers focus on the geographical area that goes from Valpolicella to Valdobbiadene, with the exception of the Euganean Hills, known for the cultivation of wine grapes as well as table grapes.

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A look at Vicenza's goldsmith tradition

VICENZAORO WINTER_LOGO6-960x275You can't visit Vicenza without knowing about its centuries old goldsmith tradition. Vicenza's art in the processing of jewels and precious materials is undoubtedly one of the most popular in the world. That's the result of a history of craftsmanship that began in 1300 and continues to this day. The jewelers and goldsmiths in Vicenza are internationally known for their creativity, imagination, skill, and technique. It is almost impossible not to be amazed at the creations exhibited in laboratories and stores located downtown. Small masterpieces that are the result of the knowledge handed down from father to son.

If you are traveling and are in the area, don't miss the opportunity to visit one of the many jewelry stores in Vicenza.

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Lido di Jesolo and its beauty

jesoloLido di Jesolo is one of the most popular seaside resorts of Veneto and of the Northern Adriatic Coast. In just 15 km of honey colored sand, you can find everything you need to enjoy a relaxing vacation. The quality of services, the cleanliness of the water and beach, the easy access for the disabled, the complete absence of industrial waste or sewage have made Lido di Jesolo a tourist destination for everyone, from families with children to young and single people. The credit certainly goes to the careful management of resources and spaces, as recognized by the Blue Flag title given to the beach and its waters in 2014.

To plan your vacation here, you need to know a few thing about this city.

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The Romantic Verona, City of Love

romantica VeronaThe city of Verona is located in a strategic point of the Pianura Padana, just a few hours away from the sea, the mountains, and other important Italian cities such as Venice, Bologna, Trento, and Milan. Verona is crossed by the Adige river, that was used as a way of exchanging goods and passenger transport until the 1882 flood. The development of the city over the centuries has resulted in the presence of architectural styles from many different periods, as evident in the many squares, arches, palaces, bridges, villas, archaeological sites, and gardens. The famous Arena di Verona is the most spectacular monument: thanks to its excellent state of conservation the arena is still an active cultural venue, hosting many musical and artistic events capable of attracting thousands of people, especially during the summer.

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