The Itineraries of the Great War in Veneto


The itineraries of the Great War are historical-naturalistic routes to discover the most evocative sites of the First World War. In Italy the epicenter of the terrifying conflict was in Friuli Venezia, Trentino, Alto Adige, Lombardia, and Veneto. In these places it is possible to retrace the steps of some of the bloodiest battles between the Kingdom of Italy, with its allies, and the Central empires, notably the Austro- Hungarian empire. In Veneto the itineraries of the Great War are divided into 5 areas:

Asiago Plateau, Mount Pasubio, and Tonezza del Cimone - Mount Grappa, Brenta Valley, and Feltrino - Montello, and Medio Piave - Cadore, and eastern Dolomites - Lower Piave and Venetian lagoon.

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Cittadella the most beautiful walled city you can get nowadays

preferita1 800x531If you've always been fascinated by medieval times and castles, Cittadella is the city for you! Located in the province of Padua, but also very close to Venice or Verone Airports, Cittadella is one of the walled cities of Veneto. What makes it different from any other walled city is its excellent state of preservation. The walls that surround the city are completely intact, except for a short stretch destroyed in the 16th century, and they represent one of the few examples of a defensive system with a still viable patrol communications trench. This means that it is possible to walk around the whole 1461 meters circumference! Interestingly enough the walls, that are 14 meters high, have basically no foundations and they are supported by the embankments inside and outside the walls, made with fill material taken from the moat.

There are many ways to fully experience the unique medieval atmosphere of Cittadella.

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GELATO, the magic word for Italian ice cream

ice creamIt's almost summer time, so it's time to talk about gelato!! Gelato is the Italian word for "ice cream" and it comes from the Latin "gelatus" meaning 'frozen'. In American English the word gelato refers to ice cream made in a traditional Italian style. While in the US there is no standard definition for icecream, in Italy, by statute gelato must contain at least a 3.5% of butterfat. The other main ingredients include milk, cream, and sugar. To these basic ingredients then the flavoring such as chocolate, nut or fruit purees is added. The history of ice cream dates back to ancient times, when the Egyptians and the Romans used to make frozen desserts using snow and ice. The arabs created a sugar syrup called shrb and in Palermo they used to grow hundreds of different types of flowers to flavor their sorbets.

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Veneto Designer Outlet

outlet in_venetoFor those looking for sales all year round, private outlets are the perfect places to buy big names at highly discounted prices. The biggest outlet village in Veneto is the Veneto Designer Outlet, which is located in Noventa di Piave, about 40 kilometers from Venice, 30 from Treviso, 130 from Verona, and 70 from Padua. It was inaugurated last September and it is the fourth Italian outlet village owned by the group McArthurGlen. There are more than 100 stores in the village, including Calvin Klein, Rifle, Guess, Nike, Burberry, Les Copains, Armani, Bottega Veneta, Versace, Valentino, United Colors of Benetton, Prada, Pupa, La Perla, Fendi, and Quicksilver, just to name a few. 

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The Walled Cities in Veneto

cittadella If you are in Veneto, you definitely have to take the time to visit its walled cities. These are cities that still have, at least in part, their original defensive walls built by the Etruscans, Romans, or in Middle Ages. Here is just a partial list of the most charming walled cities in Veneto. Marostica, in the province of Vicenza is famous for its chess game with live people that takes place in the town square every two years. The city walls, however, are the first thing you notice when you get close to this small town. The walls rise on the slopes of the hill Pausolino, and connect the Upper Castle to the Lower Castle.Bassano del Grappa is not far from Marostica and is known as the capital of the Italian Alpini. It is famous for its bridge built over the Brenta river in 1571. From this bridge, called “old bridge” or “bridge of the Alpini”, you can admire the castle of the Ezzelini and its walls. You can also take a tour around the walls.

Cittadella, in the province of Padua, is by far one of the best preserved cities of Europe.

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