Vicenza Oro is the one and only goldsmithery capital of the world

vicenza oro

Vicenza is known for its trade shows and premium events in the jewelry sector. Every year thousands of people from all over the world come to Vicenza to attend Vicenza Oro, three business to business events entirely dedicated to the gold and jewelry sectors. In other words if you work in the gold/jewelry industry this is THE place to be. In the past the three events followed the same patterns, but this year each one of them will focus on different aspects and needs of the industry.

Vicenza Oro Winter was held in January and if featured 1600 exhibitors. The event focused on ethical trade and future trends.

During the lecture “Conflict mineral Legislation in Europe and the United States: how it impacts on both the domestic and export jewelry business” the effect of new legislation regulating the import of gold and other precious minerals from war zones was discussed. Future trends were explored in the exhibition “Intorno al futuro: 3D printing per il gioiello” (“Around the future: 3D printing for jewels”. The exhibit presented the works of 32 international designers who used the most advanced 3D printing techniques to create their jewels.

The second event, Vicenza Oro Spring, will take place May 10 through 13 and will focus more on the made in Italy and on the relationship between the fashion world and the jewelry, how one influences and integrates the other.

The third and last even, Vicenza Oro Fall, will be held September 6 through 10 and will target the distribution. The over 1600 exhibitors will present their best collections to sell. Vicenza Oro Fall is the business hub for the industry, in the period of the year when sales hit record highs all over the world.