Museum of Costumes and Perfume in Venice

palazzo mocenigo-venice

There is a new treasure in Venice, Palazzo Mocenigo, a new museum that has a 6000 books dedicated to fashion and costumes, and a deposit where ancient fabrics and Venetian dresses from the eighteenth century are preserved. But that's not it! Here you can also discover the history and art involved in making perfumes. The circular path that crosses 20 rooms allows the visitor to walk around the building with the feeling of being a guest of the ancient House of Mocenigo. In the rooms you can also admire the beautiful floors, the restored furniture of the eighteenth century, paintings borrowed from the Fondazione Musei Civici, glass vases borrowed from the Museum of Murano, and mannequins wearing the costumes of the time.

A big part of the exhibition spaces are dedicated exclusively to the most important nucleus of textiles, clothing and accessories of the eighteenth century that belong to the Center for the Studies of the History of Textiles and Costumes.parfume museum-venice

But what about the perfumes? Five of the rooms are completely dedicated to perfume. In the first room, room 13, visitors can watch a video that introduces the history of the perfume in Venice. Room 14 recreates the laboratory of the perfumer, guardian of the techniques and recipes for the manufacture of soaps, oils, powders, and liquids to perfume things, clothes, and people. In Room 15 many of the original books about perfumes are exposed as well as some of the extremely rare ingredients used to make the perfumes. Room 16 is dedicated to the exhibit of perfume bottles and containers, some made of blown glass, some made of gold, and some made of porcelain. Finally in room 17 there is a big table with 24 bottles that contain the 24 essences that visitors can test.

The museum is closed on Monday; the rest of the week it is open from 10am to 5pm.