Villa Cordellina in Montecchio Maggiore


Villa Cordellina is also called Cordellina Lombardi and it is located in Montecchio Maggiore, a few kilometers from Vicenza. Until the first half of the 19th century the villa belonged to the Cordellina family, in 1943 to Gaetano Marzotto and in 1954 it was bought by Vittorio Lombardi and eventually his widow, Anna Maria Lombardi gave it to the Province of Vicenza that is the current owner.

Originally the site was occupied by a house and land that were owned by both Ludovico Cordellina and Carlo Molin. Ludovico's son, Carlo, a famous lawyer, inherited the property in the Eighteenth century and decided to build a new residence that was meant be both a vacationing place and a farm.

The villa was designed by the Venetian architect Giorgio Massari, who was clearly inspired by Palladio's style. Construction of the central part of the building lasted for 7 years, from 1735 to 1742. The two side courts, and the stable were completed later. The entire complex was completed in 1760, when it became a popular meeting for celebrities, writers, and scientists. The decorations inside were entrusted to Tiepolo, one of the major painters from Veneto. Tiepolo contributed to the decoration of the main hall of the villa with a cycle of frescoes inspired by the splendor of Scipio Africanus and Alexander the Great.

Today the villa is used as a representative office of the Province of Vicenza, which has continued the restoration of Tiepolo's work. The complex is also used for conventions, concerts, and other cultural activities and it can be visited from April 1st, to October 15, Tuesday through Sunday.