Wine tasting in Veneto

wine tasting-italyMore than 20% of Italian quality wines is produced in Veneto. There are 17 area of D.O.C. wine production, the three most well known of  which are Valpolicella, Soave, and Bardolino. There are also 17 Protection Consortia that safeguard the quality and characteristics of the wine produced here. Such activity is to ensure the provenance of wines from the areas declared, their production with the specified grapes (in Veneto DOC wines are produced with 10 specific varieties), the proportions according to traditional methods, and the proper aging. In Veneto there are over  25.500 farms  registered  as DOC vineyards.

The list of wines produced in Veneto is very very long, and some of the most popular and appreciated are: Bardolino, Soave, Amarone, Valpolicella, Lessini Durello, Recioto e Gambellara Doc, Colli Berici, Tai (which used to be known as Tocai), Torcolato, Vespaiolo, Marzemimo, and Colli Euganei Doc, Prosecco. There are more than 16 wine routes.

There are many ways to taste Veneto's wines. For example “Open Wine Cellars in Veneto” is one of the most important wine events. Every year, usually around the month of May, the wineries in Veneto are open to public and anyone can visit them and taste their wines. You can also book a wine tasting tour in Veneto's villas. This is the perfect way to discover some of the jewels of Italian architecture as well as the local wine production. Wine events are also organized locally in many different towns, there are literally dozens of them all over the territory.

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