The “Strada delle 52 gallerie” or Road of the 52 Tunnels

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Mount Pasubio is a great open air museum of the Great War in Veneto, precisely in Vicenza province: its trenches, underground tunnels, and its memorials tell the story of the battles fought on an important border line between Italy and Austria. Here there are three roads that go up to the battle fronts: the Strada degli Eroi (Road of the Heroes), the Strada of the Scarrubbi (Scarrubbi Road), and the Strada delle 52 Gallerie (Road of the 52 Tunnels), which is the most famous one.

The Road of the 52 tunnels was built in 1917, during World War I, to bring supplies to the forefront of the Italian army who fought on the Southern side of Mount Pasubio, the most difficult to serve.

It was very important then to be able to transport food and other necessities without being in the open, in order to stay out of the Austrian artillery fire. As opposed to the Scarubbi Road, the Road of the 52 Tunnels was not accessible by vehicle, but it was accessible all year round and most importantly it was protected from enemy fire.

This road is 6,555 meters long, 2,355 of which are divided into 52 tunnels excavated from the rock. Each tunnels has its own number and name. The minimum width of each tunnel was of 2.20 meters, intended to allow the transit of two mules with their load. The most characteristic tunnel is number 19, because it is the longest (320 meters). Part of the 43rd tunnel runs beneath the Passo Fontana d'Oro. The exit of tunnel number 47 is also worthy of mention, because of the breathtaking view.

It takes about 3 – 3-1/2 hours to walk the whole road, but this is a great itinerary for hiking enthusiasts and an excellent way to personally experience a part of history. If you are interested, contact us at Mydas Travel to get more information on how to get there with a guide.