Small Dolomites only one hour from Venice or Verone airports


The Small Dolomites, located in the province of Vicenza, include Mount Pasubio, the Sengio Alto Chain, the Carega Group, and the Tre Croci Chain. They are called Small Dolomites in reference to their “older sisters”, the Dolomites, because they are both made of dolomite. The term Small Dolomites was first coined in 1925 by Francis Meneghello in a magazine published by CAI.

The Small Dolomites can be divided into four groups, based on their morphology.
1. the Tre Croci Chain between Recoaro and the high Chiampo Valley: between Sella del Campetto and the Tre Croci Pass;
2. the Carega Group, between the Tre Croci Pass, and the Campogrosso pass;
3. the Sengio Alto chain: between the Campogrosso pass and the Pian delle Fugazze that includes the Baffelan and Mount Cornetto;
4. Mount Pasubio: between Pian delle Fugazze and the Borcola Pass.

Although not very high (maximum elevation is 2259m), the Small Dolomites are very interesting for both climbers and hikers, thanks to their charming scenery. There is something for everyone: there are hundreds of paths of all levels of difficulties, from beginners to more experienced ones. There are also several mountain lodges that can be reached either on foot or by car, where hikers can rest, eat and drink. The most famous ones include Rifugio Mario Fraccaroli (2230 m), on Mount Carega; Rifugio Monte Falcone (1606 m), close to Recoaro Mille; Rifugio Cesare Battisti (1265) by the Gazza location, and Rifugio Achille Papa (1928 m) by Mount Pasubio.

If you love the mountains and hiking, this is really a great place to visit! The Small Dolomites can be easily reached by car. From the A4 Milano-Venezia highway, visitors should take the Montecchio Maggiore exit and drive in the Valdagno- Recoaro direction.