Palladio Museum

palladioOpened in 2012, the Palladio Museum is located in Vicenza, inside Palazzo Barbarano, one of Palladio's works. This is not your typical museum! The Palladio Museum is a new type of museum, for several reasons. First of all it is a museum-workshops, which means that it features not only the works of art, but also the experts who describe and explain them. Second, it is a museum in movement: thanks to use of hardware that controls the dynamic lighting, the video projection system etc, the contents will change as studies and research bring new elements to light. Third, it is located in a beautiful building: this is the only palace that Palladio saw completed and in which he exercised full control over both the architecture and the decorations.

The museum has the ambitious goal to communicate the experts' knowledge to the general public, to explain architecture to non architects and tell the story of the people who designed the buildings. Inside the museum you can admire not only the signed architectural drawings, the models, and the photographs, but Palazzo Barbarano itself. For the first time visitors can go out of the back door to admire the medieval wall that Palladio was asked to modify.

The museum is open Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 6pm. Tickets are €6.00 and children under 5 have free admission. Visitors who buy the combined ticket “Vicenza città bellissima” for € 10.00
, have access not only to the Palladio Museum but also to all the Civic Museums, the Teatro Olimpico, the Diocesan Museum, and the Palazzo Leoni Montanari Galleries.; it is valid for 3 days from the first use and can be bought at the Teatro Olimpico, the Palazzo Leoni Montanari Galleries and the Palladio Museum.