Cittadella the most beautiful walled city you can get nowadays

preferita1 800x531If you've always been fascinated by medieval times and castles, Cittadella is the city for you! Located in the province of Padua, but also very close to Venice or Verone Airports, Cittadella is one of the walled cities of Veneto. What makes it different from any other walled city is its excellent state of preservation. The walls that surround the city are completely intact, except for a short stretch destroyed in the 16th century, and they represent one of the few examples of a defensive system with a still viable patrol communications trench. This means that it is possible to walk around the whole 1461 meters circumference! Interestingly enough the walls, that are 14 meters high, have basically no foundations and they are supported by the embankments inside and outside the walls, made with fill material taken from the moat.

There are many ways to fully experience the unique medieval atmosphere of Cittadella.

Here we picked a few. As a first option we recommend the one day guided tour of the city. In the morning not only will you walk the whole perimeter of the walls on the patrol communication trench, but you will also have a chance to visit several museums such as the museum of medieval armor, the archaeological museum, and the museum of arms, as well as the architectural beauties of the city such as the Dome, The Social Theater, the Palazzo Pretorio, and the Church of the Torresino. The program also includes a visit to the Tower of Malta to get an aerial view of the city. The afternoon is dedicated to the visit of one of the villas: Villa Gallarati Scotti di Fontaniva, Villa Bolzonella di Cittadella, Villa Imperiale di Galliera Veneta, or Villa Cà Tron di Cittadella. The price of this guided tour is approximately €25 and includes lunch in a restaurant. If you have ever wondered what a medieval lunch would be like, you can try one of the typical medieval lunches or dinners. There are many restaurants inside the walls that can be reached on foot that offer a medieval menu for a contained price for groups of visitors, ranging from €15 to €30 a person.

Another fun way to visit the walls is by boat. It is possible to rent an electric boat to navigate the moat around the walls.This is just a short list of the things you can do in Cittadella. For more information on these tours or other tours, please feel free to email Mydas Travel at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.