The Itineraries of the Great War in Veneto


The itineraries of the Great War are historical-naturalistic routes to discover the most evocative sites of the First World War. In Italy the epicenter of the terrifying conflict was in Friuli Venezia, Trentino, Alto Adige, Lombardia, and Veneto. In these places it is possible to retrace the steps of some of the bloodiest battles between the Kingdom of Italy, with its allies, and the Central empires, notably the Austro- Hungarian empire. In Veneto the itineraries of the Great War are divided into 5 areas:

Asiago Plateau, Mount Pasubio, and Tonezza del Cimone - Mount Grappa, Brenta Valley, and Feltrino - Montello, and Medio Piave - Cadore, and eastern Dolomites - Lower Piave and Venetian lagoon.

Along these itineraries many museums, shrines, monuments, and fortresses of both sides have been selected, restored and developed. It is a real network of sites to commemorate and remember, that is part of the regional project “Itineraries of the Great War – a journey into history”, aimed at developing the tourism. History buffs and enthusiasts have the opportunity to learn more about this crucial chapter in the history of humanity, by visiting the regions and planning their own tour by car, on foot, or by bicycle.


The amount of information that revolves around this extraordinary project is partly available online at (the site is either in Italian or Slovenian). In the various sections there is an overwhelming amount of contents, including documents, illustrative texts, photographs, and videos of the period. For every region the site includes a list of the main itineraries, with maps, timetables, and brief descriptions. Mountain lovers will be enchanted by the beauty of the landscapes, experiencing firsthand the contrast between today's peace and the hell evoked by the many artifacts that the Great War has left us.