Boat trips in the Comacchio Valleys and in the salt marshes

Valli-di-ComacchioThe Comacchio valleys are a magical and surreal place, evidence of a past when man lived in harmony with nature. Although the name seems to suggest a location inland, we are surrounded by the sea, in a lagoon and marsh complex that includes four valleys: Lida Magnavacca, Fossa di Porto, Valle Campo, and Valle Fattibello. Classified as a site of importance for the community and protected area, the area covers nearly 17,000 acres, making it one of the largest wetlands of Italy. The sparse population and the abundance of water are the two essential elements for the bird population, that counts thousands of flamingos, herons, gray herons, kingfishers and many others.

Besides the wide variety of birds, what makes the landscape unique is the absence of landmarks. Islets and gullies follow one another without interruption, disorienting the inexperienced visitor. Luckily there are experienced tour guides ready to take the groups of tourists deep in the valleys. During the summer, in particular, boats and ferries depart at all hours of the day and take visitors to the many points of interest scattered all over the place. The typical “casoni” (huts) are one of the most appreciated destinations. The casoni were used as a base for fishing, an activity that is still practiced nowadays by “vongolari”, shellfish farmers, and eels fishermen.

Lanterna Vecchia , Sacca di Goro, Bosco della Mesola

The eel is still the symbol of the Comacchio valleys. By means of lavoriero – a series of interconnected basins – man has been catching this fish for centuries, creating an extraordinary example of sustainable economy. But the casoni and the fishing shacks are not the only attraction of the area. Just think of the old lighthouse called “Lanterna Vecchia” (Old Lantern), or the village Goro with its creek shaped as a crescent moon, or the Mensola Forest, where it is not unusual to spot deers or fallow deers, the last survivors of the herds that once dominated the Pianura Padana. If you'd like to plan a tour of the Comacchio valleys, please contact Mydas Travel for a safe trip!