Thermal Waters Facilities in Veneto: from Abano to Recoaro

thermal water

There are many thermal waters facilities in Veneto. Bathing in thermal waters, a practice that dates back to ancient Rome for the undisputed benefits on mind and body, is now a mass phenomenon that affects millions of people all over the world. Many tourists come to Veneto to take advantage of the healing properties of the thermal waters or just to spend a weekend in total relax. With its modern and stylish facilities, Veneto has quickly become a leader in the sector. There are plenty of hotels, spas and sport facilities, especially in the most popular resorts. These resorts are easily recognizable by their name: the presence of the word 'Terme' is an indication that the area is renowned for its thermal springs.

This is the case for example of Abano Terme, a town in the province of Padua, with hundreds of hotels with swimming pools, tennis courts, relaxation areas, and massage centers. Ditto for Battaglia Terme, also in the province of Padua, near the Euganean Hills. Moving further north there is Recoaro Terme, nestled between the Small Dolomites, in the upper Agno valley. Other popular facilities include Bibione, where in addition to the thermal waters, you can enjoy the beaches of the Adriatic Sea.


Lesser-known facilities, but not less valid are those if Calalzo di Cadore, Galzignano Terme, Lazise, and Comelico Superiore. In each of these locations there are hotels dedicated to wellness, where besides the good local cuisine, it is possible to participate in activities for the entire family, from children to the elderly. There are plenty of opportunities for hiking, horseback riding, or bike riding. No doubt the thermal waters represent a small but important piece of the puzzle of attractions that justify a trip to our magical region. Find out more on our blog ;)

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