Lake Garda on a Boat: a Different Perspective

catamaran excursion_garda_lakeLake Garda is a very popular tourist destination, for its mild climate, the beauty of its landscapes, and for the many sporting activities (or not) that you can play. Thanks to its location, each year the lake becomes the favorite destination for thousands of visitors not only from Italy , but also from Europe and other foreign countries. To visit the lake, all you have to do is take a car, a motorhome, or your motorcycle and drive on the road loop that follows the coast. As an alternative, once you are settled in a town, you can get on one of the many ferries or boats that can take you from town to town. The boats leave every day at different times, more frequently during the summer. The boat tour really offers a whole new perspective, especially if you know the best destinations.

Which ones? For example, Desenzano del Garda, whose main attractions are the medieval castle, the old harbor with the lighthouse, and the beaches. From here, circumnavigating the tongue of land that juts out into the lake, you get to Peschiera del Garda (south eastern tip), famous for its many archaeological sites and monuments such as the Shrine of the Madonna del Frassino, the Roman excavations next to the San Martino church, San Marco Square, and the fortress, with its majestic walls and the imposing Porta Verona. Another planned stop is Salò, a town of just over 10000 residents famous for having been one 

of the centers of power of the Italian Socialist Republic (or Republic of Salò) during World War II.


In the northern part of the lake we find Riva del Garda, a picturesque village that offers a magnificent view over the water and the surrounding landscape. A few miles from here you can also visit the enchanting Varone falls, that plunge into the bowels of the earth from a 100 meters height. There are plenty of villas, fortresses, and churches in Bardolino, the last of the large municipalities that overlook the lake and favored destination by food lovers. It should also be noted that the whole area is full of festivals and events, including boat races, music festivals, singing competitions, fairs and town festivals.