Villa Della Torre in Valpolicella, Verone Province


What a perfect venue to celebrate your destination wedding, in this masterpiece of resplendent XVI Century Italian architecture located on a unique hill top parcel of land in Valpolicella. Not only do they offer luxurious weddings! But much more than one can expect with the finest in Culinary classes, sumptuous and renown wine tastings from their own local wine made by the Allegrini Association, Concerts, meetings, and unforgettable art shows.

The recently refurbished Villa Della Torre designed in the precepts of ancient Roman architects Vitruvio and Plinio Il Giovane. The villa was built by Guilio Della Torre. He was a wealthy humanist, who was involved in many religious, social, and political activities. Its completion was in the mid 1560’s’ from an unknown architect. But was said it could have been built in the influence of the great Giulio Romano, who worked and lived in Mantua, and designed and constructed his master piece of Palazzo Te.

Because of the striking resemblances and features that are similar to Palazzo Te. Another speculation is Michele Sanmicheli, Verona most important Renaissance architect.
Imagine elite Noble guests enjoying the grandeur of this Villa, posed in the peaceful surroundings of nature and agriculture. Inspiring and culturing their spirits and souls with readings, writing’s and creating art in Latin and Italian traditional styles.

The beauty, culture and passion of Villa Della Torre is evident as you arrive on the picturesque grounds rising from the valley to each level of terraced vineyards and finally reaching the hill top plateau. The rich history of the land and palace is apparent upon your arrival to this majestic villa.

Features of the palace are:
The Peristyle: The heart of the building, designed as a “Domus” a typical Roman house for “Patrizi” Nobel guests. This is the welcoming entrance and courtyard to the fabulous Villa!

Hall of Mirrors: This room has undergone extensive renovations during the 18th century and still bears original bronze medallions heads over the doorways. Used for events, wine tastings and Weddings.

The Chapel: Complete with perfectly preserved bell tower, and artistic value in the chapel itself, represents a highly honored attempt to give the entire complex and extraordinary theatrical and scenic effect. It is delightfully perfect for all religious functions.

The Fish ponds: This part of the palace is a masterpiece in itself, symbolizing as a reminder of the importance of water and its life giving force. It not only does entertain its guest with its fountains of beauty, but is importantly functional for the irrigation needs of the formal, flower and lawn gardens.

The Fireplaces: These symbolic structures amazing Gargoyle styled immense fireplaces of the palace are the feature that made this palace famous. One for each room, A lion, an Angel, demon like monsters, and Sea monsters.

Nymphaeum, The Cave: this is a mysterious feature of the villa. The entrance similar to the fireplaces has an entrance that resembles a giant face mask. While the inside walls are made of textures and all elements of nature, the mystery is still unsolved as to why this was built in this manner.

Jupiter Ammon: This is a temple dedicated to Jupiter Ammon, its tower gazes out over the Palaces vineyard. With its domed ceiling an extraordinary head representing Jupiter Ammon. This is the highest point of the entire Villa which is a tribute to the Ancient world and all its culture.

To experience this rich and amazing site is to find you in love, Amore! with nature, wine, architecture and culture. Villa Della Torre can provide for you: Chapel for religious ceremonies such as weddings, well known and appreciated wine tastings culinary splendor, Meeting rooms, gardens and grounds, events, rooms available for a weekend, night or day. Private tours are also available.
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