World Expo 2015 in Milan


The 2015 edition's theme for the world Expo is “Feeding the Planet Energy for Life”.

Sustainability seems to be a seriously immense topic in the past few years. From Eco systems in green energy, water management, recycling, gardening in urban areas and finding ways to sustain us humans in and overcrowded over populated world. The upcoming world fair in 2015 has a mammoth focus, bringing the whole world together in one location to educate, invent and present inspiring cutting edge ideas. All of this by bringing the hopes of providing energy for life, and feeding the world
If you are at all interested in any of these areas, or are a foodie (in the food industry) or share a part of the world recuperation aspects, then I strongly recommend next year’s World Fair in Milan Italy as a bucket list stop for you!
It is a World’s Fair with the premise of feeding the planet so this has to be one of the most exciting ideas presented in a World’s fair in years!

The Location normally thought of as the engine room of Italy “Milan” and the heart of the Fashion industry, now is going to show the world how to sustain ourselves with over 138 countries participating in a innovated World pavilions.

Italy and the Italian food industry, Milan second largest in the nation are famous for its fine quality in cuisine. Their passion for quality and excellence stems from centuries of refining farming, agriculture and productions methods.
The Site covering some 272 acres just northwest of the center of town Milan proper is expected to attract some 29 million visitors from May 1st to October 31st, 2015. Surrounded by an artificial lake, this site will be occupied by pavilions with one third of the site devoted to open space and one sixth of green areas.

USA Participation American Food 2.0:
Sustainable, innovated and healthful, delicious is there theme. Entrepreneurial is the accent in this World’s Fair Pavilion designed as a lightly structured welcoming barn. “From farm to table” is this year’s idea inviting its visitors to embark on a journey to the world of sustainability. Using technology at its highest form, visitors can engage in an itinerary of rich cultural, scientific culinary adventure. Working closely with Italy in these concepts will surely be marvelous if not enlightening. The James Beard Foundation and the International Culinary center and the American Chamber of Commerce of Italy will be working together for a vibrant U.S presence at the Milan Expo!
One other interesting fact is “Building a Women partnership for Food Security” with Latin America and Italy, this is for the Women’s Expo, participating countries are: Paraguay, Mexico, Costa Rica, Argentina, Colombia, and Italy!
World Expo 2015 is going to be remarkable!