Sardinia the island of beauty

SARDEGNASardina is the second largest island in the Mediterranean Seas, after Sicily and before Cyprus. Brimming with life, admire the various landscapes, sparkling diamond clear waters, in shades of pale turquoise, emerald green to deep royalty blue. Ship wrecks, hidden sea pools, beaches that vary from dark to sugary white fine sands, desolate beach areas with patches of thorny carrot grass, or surrounded beaches with groves of olives and deer that gently dance down in the late of the day to sample the fruits of the trees. Sea Turtles that return year after year to the Island to lay their eggs, the wild windy surf of Costa Verde which is chosen as some of the world’s best and favorite windsurf sites. Snorkeling diving, rock climbing, canoe and kayaking, horseback riding, golf, Mountain biking, hang gliding, fishing tourism, surfing, sailing, cave hunting, hiking, theatre, concerts. There is so much to see for example the natural monuments, which strikingly resemble architectures, bridges and art itself truly an amazing Island. 

Sardinia boasts a rich heritage that includes more than one thousand five hundred caving natural caves known and explored. Due to this geological wealth of the territory, caving is spread all over the island. There are many people who practice this activity, attracted by the scenery whose beauty surpasses human imagination. A feature to see the Nuraghis millenary rocks sculpted by time, into some astonishing forms, monuments that trace the steps of history.
The island also is known as the Island of beauty because of its wellness features and rich in natural hyper sulfuric baths and spas. A route between the ancient thermal baths used since the times of the Romans, available today for our daily relaxation with facilities equipped with specialized personnel in medical treatments, cosmetic and food industries.

Sardinia is a jewel still unknown to many travelers but famous to the Italians and Tycoons from all over the world.

Nature is abound as in most islands, that are filled with secrets, this particular island has high mountain ranges, national parks, rocky terrain, forest’s, waterfalls, amazing coastal changes, and flora and fauna.

Sardina not only is a beautiful place but has been recognized as the only Italian region that produces a surplus of electricity, and exports it to Corsica and the Italian main land. It is also a tax haven, and is free of customs duties, because of its free trade Zones.
The taste’s of Sardina is immeasurable! The famous wild boar, honey, nuts including chestnuts and almonds, cookies, wild mushrooms, sweet cheeses, pastries, Mullet, a type of roe salted and dried, sea food galore, tuna ,olives, citruses, figs, Torrone candies, Gusto di mandorla a sweet almond cake decorated and infamously delicious in and through the island.
Grapes, a vast varietal of wines including Monica, which was brought to the island from Hispanic monks, pastas, artichokes, curlugiones, this is a pasta like ravioli, my mother made these with cheese filled inside and fried them but depending on the region it could be covered in sauce. Traditional cheeses, such as pecorino sardo, romano, casizolu, ricotta, and casumarzu, this particular one contains live insect larvae. Then the amazing traditional breads called Civraxiu, Pistoccu.
This bread is Circular in shape, with a crisp crust and soft crumb, which generally reaches a weight of about one pound. Some is still made ​​at home in the old wood-burning ovens the origins of this bread dates back to the Roman period. During the Roman domination, Sardinia was the granary of Rome and in this period the term used to define the flour was cibaria. Pistoccu, is a hard bread that was twice cooked and split, only eaten in ancient times by the wealthy.
Another most delicious and famous bread Carasau, music bread a thin crispy delicious bread famous in the island, can be dipped but once it is its name changes. Most of the breads are highly decorated harder in texture, of course eaten with sauces or olive oil.
Sardinia also known as the region of herbs, because of its hot weather and seasonal rains it is rich in herbs. Notably Sardinia has much history and boasts of its highest consumption of beer per capita,double the national average, Sardinians, discovered jars containing hops in some of the archeological sites, evidence that beer was produced since the copper age. All in all Sardina is a true hidden treasure of beauty and wellness, delicious Sardinian delights complex wines and beers,nature and geography that is amazing, what’s not to like about Sardinia? It has something for everyone. Discover it! The Island of Sardinia the Emerald Coast.