Fashion Week in Milan


This year Milan places itself as number three in the lineup of Fashion week. With New York being the first in the lineup, followed by London, then Milan, and lastly Paris. Prestigious Milan known for setting the mode of what you will see in the hottest trends of women’s and men’s fashion. This year hosting some 170 shows and elaborate presentations, will be presenting new talents and leading designers. This is what has made the label "Made in Italy" famous. Fashion dates for Milan Italy are: February 18th -23rd. 


Fashion trends come and go but one thing always remains: fashion and couture is authoritarian to all designs in our material world.
Men’s Fashion trends: The color red has been showing up on the feet of many top designers models, the feet of athletes and on the streets. This year expect to see it again, in hats, jackets, suits, and bags.

Trending along with the red, floral is finding its way in shoes, and shirts. Find this interesting, they are punching it up with Poka dots in denim jeans, jackets and shirt trims.
The stylish sheek trend’s for men, one being the clutch envelope bag in shades of caramel brown and in black. Neon is big in sports shoes causal tennis shoes, and other items. Camouflage, can be worn in sports jackets and in shirts, in a variety of color schemes and styles. Last but not least the throw back of the double breasted suit jacket in a multitude of textiles, and paired with floral, jeans, and shorts.
Pink: In women’s fashion and couture, “sporty” and “versatile” are the watch words. The pleated skirt is gaining popularity; Salvatore Ferragamo styles one that is fresh and comfy contrasting heel’s in black and white with oversize bag. Pink in multitude of shades are being used, especially blush pink in combination with fuchsia are featured in reminiscence romantic styles of the 50’s. From everything to jackets, skirts, bordered hemlines, shoes, bags, Sheer overdresses to shorts in a hide and seek fashion fantasy look. This too is a statement on the runway; many stars and celebrities are already wearing this look of hide and seek.
Examples of hide and seek, silky satin shorts being seen thru sheer black chemise skirting. Or cut out areas in dresses that reveal tender untouched skin, for a sexy but demure look. The sailor look is popular, the white collar shirt, shirt dress is also shown on the catwalk.

It is said; that Milan’s Fashion Mecca of the world has always shown and delivered some of the most famous and elegant looks in clothing. It catches affects the eyes and pocket books of the rich and famous, who has worn these creations for centuries, and eventually trickling down to the everyday person.
Without a doubt Milan’s contour and fashion affects the masses in every form. Seeing the most famous designers the new up and coming talents in Milan is a life changing, must do experience! At least once in your life!