Olive oil, the best of the best comes from Italy


Like wine, olive oil has many flavors and aromas. The natural aroma and flavor depend on the oil’s quality, variety of olive, weather, fields where the trees are planted, age of the tree, the cultures' technique, pests, fruit maturity at harvest, method of harvest, the selection of fruits after harvest, storage time between harvest and extraction at the mill, manufacturing techniques, assembly, packaging, storage, age. As you see there are many factors as to quality the type of Olive oil in the end results. Olive oil is produced in Spain, Italy, Greece, Israel, Turkey and now California!

Using olive oil has become a common practice in USA, being some of the chief buyers of the product; United States buys more than 30% of its Olive Oil from Italy placing second in consumption in the world. The number one consumer of this ancient healthful oil is Greece, Italy, followed by Japan, Canada, China, and Switzerland.
The Greeks consume more olive oil than any other country, about 26 liters per person annually, and their Mediterranean diet has been linked to lower cancer rates, risks of heart disease and occurrence of Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimers.
Recently the New York Times Magazine wrote that heart-healthy Olive oil was a potential reason that inhabitants of the Greek Islands Ikaria just forget to die! Their recipe calls for: half a cup of extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) and warm lemon water in the morning for weight loss and health, they swear it keeps you from having hunger pangs, and helps body maintenance, health and longevity. Just smelling EVOO can lead to feeling better, it has the same effect as an anti inflammatory.
Olive oil for every day cooking: Each type of olive oil has its own color & flavor, from extra light to dark and each one has different properties. Some of the best olive oil comes from Italy. Some people say the taste of olive oil and what should be selected that is best for everyday cooking depends completely on you! It also depends on the acidity of the oil itself.
Cold Press is a chemical free process using only pressure, the old fashion way, which was generally done with stone’s bringing the freshly pressed oil directly that day to be tanked or barreled so it can continue in the processing of the oil.
EVO: Extra virgin olive oil is usually one percent acid, also cold press. Good for salads marinades, dipping, drizzling.
Virgin Olive oil: Darker in color and flavor nutty used in low to medium heat cooking such as sautéing Marinade’s and salads.
Pure olive oil: Is a mix of unfiltered olive oils the body is not the same as EVO this is good for lower temperature cooking. This particular Olive oil is cheaper as the processing is not a cold press but machine pressed.
Light Olive oil: Means lighter in color and they have a higher smoke point than regular oils and can and should be used for high heat frying. Also Lighter olive oils are best for baking.
The best way to taste olive oil is to drop a small drop into the palm of your hand and rub it in smell it and then taste it. When you are looking for all purpose Olive oil its best to find the one that tastes good to you, fruity flavor or mild it completely depends on your taste.
Olive oil will last for months if stored away from heat and light, however an unopened bottle of good quality olive oil should last for up to two years in its bottle from the date of purchase. Once you do open it should be used in a few months.
The olive oil industry whose origin began with Italy, Greece and Spain has now grown to USA but the best of the best comes from Italy, since Italy relied on this industry for over 6 thousand years.