Palladio: Father of the USA's architecture


Any traveler worth his salt knows how much Italian art and architecture have influenced the works and architecture of other countries. Only the most informed, however, are aware of a truly exceptional fact: December 6, 2010, the Congress of the United States unanimously adopted a resolution that recognizes Palladio “the Father of American Architecture”! A success, more than a turning point, for one of the geniuses of the Renaissance. Andrea Palladio has always been studied and appreciated both at home and abroad, and not only in the Western World. But it is especially in the United States that his legacy has touched heights of absolute perfection.

Just think of the White House, the famous architectural complex organized around a neoclassical white building.

Palladio’s influences are especially visible in the typical façade with the apse supported by columns, as well as in the overall effect of grandeur and lightness of the building. Another symbol of the United States that owes its aspect (at least in part) to the teachings of the Paduan master is the Congress in Washington, better known as the Capitol, built with the help of painters, sculptors and stonecutters who came specially from Italy.

Palladio’s Museum and the tour of the villas

To discover the origins of a myth and admire with your own eyes Palladio’s masterpieces, all you have to do is… pack your bags and come to Italy! Palladio’s museum is a good starting point. It is located in Vicenza, inside Palazzo Barberano, one of Palladio’s works and at the same time a venue of works exhibitions and shows. You also can’t miss the tour of the Ville Venete, which are part of UNESCO’s world Heritage sites, for their historical, architectural and cultural value. The villas, scattered throughout the provinces of Vicenza, Padua and Treviso, can be visited all year round and can be reached by car, or along the Brenta River on one of the characteristic boats. If you like the idea, plan your trip with us!

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